Seven Blessings

Seven Blessings
Marie was just two years old when her mother gifted her to her infertile sister, a common Moroccan custom at the time. 40 years later, Marie travels from France to Israel, where her family now lives, to marry her one true love. Her warm and excited family is preparing for the custom of “Seven Blessings”- a week of festive meals in honor of the bride. But Marie has also come to open old wounds. Between intoxicating family meals, secrets and lies are revealed. Marie is desperate for an apology although her family is sure she should be thanking them. This week turns into a sad comedy about family crimes, forgiveness and loss.


Event Details

Doors open 20-30 min. before
scheduled showing.

YEAR: 2023



Language: Hebrew, Arabic, French
Run Time: 108 Minutes


DIRECTOR(S): Ayelet Menahemi
Producer(s): Ronen Ben Tal
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
CAST: Reymonde Amsallem, Idit Teperson, Yael Levental, Tikva Dayan, Yoav Levi, Eleanor Sela



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