Ticketing FAQs

What types of tickets and passes are for sale?

There are 9 types of  tickets and passes for sale at the 2024 SJFF at  Tickets and Passes:

4 Pass types and 3 Single Ticket types.

Passes (4)

  • 2024 SJFF All-Festival Full Pass
    The 2024 SJFF All-Festival Pass include all in-person films and all streaming films, as well as receptions and film chats.

  • 2024 SJFF All Streaming Films Pass
    2024 SJFF All Streaming Films Pass Includes both weeks March 11-17 and March 18-24

  • 2024 SJFF Week 1 Full Pass.
    Opening Night events + In-person films + 1 week of streaming during week 1
    Live March 9-10
    Online March 11-17
  • 2024 SJFF Week 2 Full Pass
    in-person films +
    Films streaming during week 2
    Live March 16-17
    Online March 18-24

Single Ticket types (3)

  • 2024 SJFF Opening Night Ticket March 9, 2024
    Reception, Film “Less Than Kosher” & Mini-concert and Discussion with the Films Writer and Star Shaina Silver-Baird
  • 2024 SJFF General Admission In-Person Ticket
    Single General Admission Ticket  for In-Person, In-Theater Movie.
    CAN NOT be used for Opening Night.
    2024 SJFF Single Streaming Film Ticket.
    for any one (1) streaming film during week 1 or week 2,

In addition, you can obtain a free Short Film Pass by registering or signing in here.

Students can receive and use a discount code for 50% off all Tickets and Passes. Please contact the Help Desk for the Student Discount Code. (Students using a student discount will have to show their Valid Student ID when presenting their discounted Pass or Ticket at all Live In-Person Ticketed Events.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Before you can purchase a ticket, you must create a festival account by clicking the Sign In link in the top right-hand portion of any web page. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Once you have set up an account, there are three (3) ways to purchase a ticket.

  1. Click on the Tickets and Passes button on the home page.
  2. Go to the Feature Films page to see all available films. Click on the Film Poster for more information about that film. Near the bottom of the Film Information page is a section that will allow you to purchase that film.
  3. Under the Festival Films & Events Dropdown Menu on all page headers Click on the Streaming Films By Week option then select a week. There you will see all the Streaming Feature Films that are available for that week of the festival. Click on the film poster you are interested in and that Film’s Information page will open. Near the bottom of that page is a section with the Virtual Tickets. Just increase the counter to the number of tickets you want and then  add them to the cart. Continue to follow the screen prompts to Sign into you Account, (if you haven’t already) then keep following the screens to finalize your purchases. You will receive an email confirmation listing your purchase’s and how to watch the Streaming films you purchased. Please remember that you can only watch a specific film during the week it is being presented.
    This year all the festival films will only be shown one of two ways. The first is, On-Line Streaming ( approx. 20 films), and the second is, Live In-Person (approx 10 films)
    Where can I purchase a ticket?

    Tickets are only available online at the SJFF website (sacjewishfilmfest.org) using one of the methods described above under “How do I purchase a ticket?”.  Purchases may only be made by credit/debit card.

    When can I purchase tickets for a film?

    You can purchase tickets for a film any time until 9:00 pm on the last day the film is scheduled to be shown (see Streaming Films by Week)

    I have donated $180 or more to the 2024 festival. How do I get access to watch films?

    If you have donated at $180+ level to the 2024 SJFF, you will receive up to 6 Full Festival equivalent passes depending on your sponsorship level. These included passes are broken into 2 groups. The first group contains a single 2024 SJFF SPONSOR All-Festival FULL Pass. That pass is already Registered to you and is in your account to use for all in-person and all streaming films.

    The second group of passes is for Sponsorship Levels at $360 and above. This group contains the additional Full Pass equivalents that you are entitled to. Rather than bundling the In-Person Films with the Streaming Films in a single Pass, we split these into the two different ways our patrons watch our films. This gives the Sponsor maximum flexibility in sharing these passes with other people. Sponsors at the $360 and above levels will have from 1 to 5 “2024 SJFF All-Festival Only In-Person Films Passes”, as well as the same number of “2024 SJFF All-Festival Only Streaming Films Passes”. The Only Streaming passes can be found in the EXTRAs section of your account. This was done to allow these passes to be easily gifted to other people. Please check our FAQs if you need more information on sharing/gifting these passes.

    To receive your In-Person Films Pass(es), look for the Will Call Desk at each venue approx. 20 min. before showtime to pick up your In-Person Pass(es). If you are a Co-Sponsor at the $360 and above level the Sponsors Pass will be in the first listed co-sponsors name and the 1st of the In-Person passes will be in the second listed Co-Sponsors name. Any other In-Person Passes that a sponsor has coming to them will be labeled as “GUEST OF SPONSOR MIRIAN & SAUL COHEN” unless we have been given specific instructions otherwise.

    Please remember that each Streaming Pass that you share with someone else must be activated by that person in order for them to use it for streaming. See FAQ’s below.

    How do I provide a Virtual Festival Pass as a gift?
    • If you have donated $180 or more to the 2024 SJFF, you will receive one or more 2024 Full Festival Passes.
    • You can use one for yourself and provide the extra passes to friends or family members.
    • To share a pass, sign into your Elevent account.   This will take you to the “Virtual Events and Subscriptions Page”.
    • Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select Account.  This will take you to your “Account” page.
    • Scroll down and select “Your Extras” from the list on the far left.  This will take you to your “Extras” page.
    • Click on the “View Codes” button for the first available pass. 
    • Copy the number that appears in the pop-up menu.
    • Send an e-mail with this link: https://www.goelevent.com/SacramentoJewishFilmFestival/Pass/Sale and the code you copied to whoever you wish to share this with.
    • You can also include this link: https://sacjewishfilmfest.org/ticketing-faqs/ which will lead to a page with instructions for “How to Redeem a Pass I Received as a Gift”.
    • If you have more than one gift pass available, go through this process for each pass you wish to share.
    How do I redeem a Virtual Festival Pass I received as a gift?
    • If you received a pass as a gift, the person who gifted it to you sent you an email containing a code and a link to our Passes Page.
    • Go to that page and click the Blue “Add to cart” button to the far right of the “2024 SJFF All Streaming Films Pass” line. Then click the green “Checkout” button.  You will be asked if you want to donate.  Add a donation if you want, or click on the blue “Not Today” button.
    • Sign into your SJFF/Elevent account if you already have one, or create a new account.
    • When you have signed in, you will be taken to the Cart Checkout page. In the middle of the page is a Line called “Extras” paste the code from you gift email into the box for “Extra Code” and click “Apply“. This will zero out the cost of the pass and allow you to complete your purchase.
    • If you have decided to donate to the Festival you will be asked to fill in your credit card information before completing the purchase.
    • After this all you have to do is go back to our Home page sacjewishfilmfest.org and click the green Watch Films Button to watch the Streaming Films of our festival.
    • You may be asked to sign in one more time with your SJFF/Elevent username and password but after this you will be taken to your portal where you can see the available films.
    Do I need to create or have an account to view films?

    Yes. You must set up an account on our ticketing platform Elevent before you can view any films, including the free short films; purchase tickets, or activate your festival pass(es).

    • Set up an account by clicking the Sign In Link in the top right hand corner of all our web pages.
    • Please make sure you write down the e-mail address and login password you enter here; you will need it to log in to watch films.
    I haven't received my confirmation email, what should I do?

    A confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically to the address you used when you created your account, once your purchase is complete. This will serve as your receipt, and will contain a code you can use with the Elevent App, if you want to watch films on your television.

    • If you do not receive your email within a few minutes of completion, check your Spam and Junk Mail folders.  Please make sure you add sjff@jewishsac.org as a trusted source.
    • If you still do not see the email, log in to your account using your username and password. You can stream films by going directly to the film page and clicking “Watch Now” or going into your account to view your orders where you will find your confirmation with the Watch Now link.
    Can I get a refund or exchange a ticket?

    The festival does not provide refunds or exchanges.  The only exception is if you purchased a ticket, package, or pass and are unable to watch films due to geo-blocking.  To get a refund, please send an e-mail to: sjff@jewishsac.org.

    Does SJFF offer any discounts or free tickets?

    The SJFF only offers a Student Discount for actively enrolled Students with valid Student ID.

    Some free passes are available for those unable to afford one.  For more information, please contact the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region at: (916) 486-0906.

    Do I have to buy a ticket to watch a short film?

    No, short films are provided for free, but you will need to register on the site first. See “Do I need to create or have an account to view films?” above.

    If you do NOT already have a short film pass and you are already registered user:

    • Login to the system.
    • Select your film
    • Click View Details
    • On the details page, click the Get Free Short Film Pass button
    • Add the pass to your cart by using the up arrow to increase the number to “1”
    • Click the blue Add to Cart button
    • Click the green Continue to Checkout button

    Once you have a Free Short Film Pass, you can watch any short film during the Festival by logging in to your account.

    Who or what are Elevent and Cinesend?

    You may notice logos for two companies while using our site. Elevent is the company we are using to host the films and handle ticket sales. Cinesend is the company we are using to manage the streaming of films.  The SJFF website interacts with these other firms seamlessly and automatically.

    How do I purchase a discounted Student Ticket?

    Students can purchase any tickets or passes that are listed as Student. they are all 50% off of General Admission Tickets and Passes. 
    This discount is limited to 1 Pass Type or 1 ticket per movie.  (Students using a student discount will have to show their Valid Student ID when presenting their discounted Pass or Ticket at all Live In-Person Ticketed Events.)