Individual Film Tickets

This year we have simplified the our Festival Tickets and the way you purchase them.

If you already have an account from any of our past festivals, sign into your account by clicking on the “Sign In” Link at the top right of all our Web pages. If you need an account, click HERE to see our FAQ about creating an account.

We have Live In-Theater Tickets and Virtual Streaming Tickets as well as an Opening Night “All inclusive” Ticket.

The Live Ticket and Streaming Ticket are $12 each with a 50% discount for Students. The Opening Night Ticket is $36 also with a 50% Student Discount.


To buy a ticket, follow these simple steps:

1.Look thru our List of Films.

2. Click on the poster of the film you want to watch to be taken to the detailed film page for that film.

3. Click on the Buy Ticket Button. 

4. Choose either a General Admission or Student Ticket.

5. Click the # of tickets you are interested in then follow the instructions to check out.  



Get started by Signing into you account above then perusing our