Tickets are only available online at Tickets and Passes.  Purchases may only be made by credit card.

There are six types of tickets and passes available at Tickets and Passes:

  • Single Ticket – To watch one film
  • Single Family Ticket – For a family to watch one film
  • 5-Ticket Package – To watch any five films
  • 5-Ticket Family Package – For a family to watch any five films
  • Festival Pass – To watch all films in the festival
  • Festival Family Pass – For a family to watch all films in the festival

Before you can purchase a ticket, you must create a festival account by clicking the Login/Register link in the top right-hand portion of any web page. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Once you have set up an account, there are three ways to purchase a ticket.

  • Click on the Tickets and Passes button on the home page.
  • Go to the Feature Films page to see all available films. Click on the View Details button under the film you choose, then click on the Watch Now button.
  • Click on a film on the interactive Festival Calendar, which will take you to the detail page for that film. Click on the Watch Now button.

Clicking the Watch Now button will take you to the payment system.  Then:

  • Select the ticket type you wish.
  • Add the film to your cart by using the up arrow to increase the number to “1”
  • Click the blue Add to Cart button
  • Click the green Continue to Checkout button
  • Click the blue View button
  • Click the Play button to watch the film, once the film is available (see Festival Calendar)

You can purchase tickets for a film any time until 9:00 pm on the last day the film is scheduled to be shown (see Festival Calendar).

If you have made a donation to the Sacramento Jewish Film Festival since the 2020 festival in the amount of $150 or more, you are entitled to one or more passes, commensurate with your sponsorship level, that will allow you to watch all of the films being presented. Therefore, you do NOT need to purchase a ticket or a pass (unless you are buying one for someone else).  If you have already purchased a pass in addition to your donation, please let us know and we’ll refund your money.  You will be receiving an e-mail no later than February 19 with instructions on how to obtain your pass(es).

Thank you for your support of the Sacramento Jewish Film Festival!

  • If you have obtained a pass as part of a donation, you will receive an e-mail containing a code.
  • Create a festival account by clicking on the Register/Login button at the upper right hand corner of any page.
  • When you have completed registering, go to Tickets and Passes.
  • Click on Buy Now under Festival Pass.
  • Enter the code from the e-mail in the box labeled Discount Code when you check out, then click Apply.  This will zero out any required payments.
  • Click the Add to Cart button.
  • Click Checkout and you can watch your film(s) when they are available.

When you purchase a Festival Pass, a Festival Family Pass, or redeem a pass earned through a donation, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to your portal.  Save that e-mail, as you will be able to use that link to take you to your portal to watch a film. Please note, that you will need to login to the site to access your personal portal.

Yes. You must set up a festival account before you can purchase tickets.

  • Set up an account by clicking the Login/Register button in the top right hand corner of any web page.
  • Please make sure you write down the e-mail address and login password you enter here, so that you can enter it in the future when you login.

Confirmation emails are sent automatically once your purchase is complete. This will serve as your receipt, and will contain a code you can use with the Elevent App, if you want to watch on your television.

  • If you do not receive your email within a few minutes of completion, check your Spam and Junk Mail folders.  Please make sure you add sjff@jewishsac.org as a trusted source.
  • If you still do not see the email, log in to your account using your username and password. You can stream films by going directly to the film page and clicking “watch now” or going into your account to view your orders where you will find your confirmation with the Watch Now link.

The festival does not provide refunds or exchanges.  The only exception is if you purchased a ticket, package, or pass and are unable to watch films due to geo-blocking.  To get a refund, please send an e-mail to: sjff@jewishsac.org.

The SJFF does not offer any discounts, but some free passes are available for those unable to afford one.  For more information, please contact the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region at: (916) 486-0906.

No, short films are provided for free, but you will need to register on the site first. See “Do I need a Sacramento Jewish Film Festival account to view films?” above.

If you have already registered:

  • Login to the system.
  • Select your film
  • Click View Details
  • On the details page, click the View Now button
  • Add the film to your cart by using the up arrow to increase the number to “1”
  • Click the blue Add to Cart button
  • Click the green Continue to Checkout button
  • Click the blue View button
  • Click the Play button to watch the film

You may notice logos for two companies while using our site. Elevent is the company we are using to host the films and handle ticket sales. Cinesend is the company we are using to manage the streaming of films.  The SJFF website interacts with these other firms seamlessly and automatically.

No. You can choose the movies whenever you want. The system keeps track of how many films you have watched, so if you click the Watch Now button for a film, it will know if you have any films remaining.