1618 poster

This historical drama is based on a true story: the visitation by the Visitador Sebastião Noronha to Porto in 1618. At the time the entire population was exhorted to denounce heresies under pain of excommunication. In a city where a large part of the population had Jewish ancestry, over one hundred New Christians, among others, were imprisoned, causing terror in the New Christian community, mass emigration, and the near-total destruction of the city’s economy. With his family and community in danger, António Álvares devises an escape plan.

Length: 81 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: Portuguese, Hebrew, with English subtitles

200 Meters

200 Meters poster

Mustafa and his wife Salwa come from two Palestinian villages that are only 200 meters apart but separated by the wall. Their unusual living situation is starting to affect their otherwise happy marriage, but the couple does what they can to make it work. Every night, Mustafa flashes a light from his balcony to wish his children on the other side a goodnight, and they signal him back. One day Mustafa gets a call that every parent dreads — his son has been in an accident. He rushes to the checkpoint, where he must agonizingly wait in line only to discover that there is a problem with his fingerprints, and he is denied entry. Desperate, Mustafa resorts to hiring a smuggler to bring him across. His once 200-meter journey becomes a 200-kilometer odyssey joined by other travelers determined to cross.

Length: 96 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: Arabic, Hebrew, English, with English subtitles

A Tree of Life

A Tree of Life poster

In 2018, a white supremacist opened fire at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue. This was the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. The survivors recount the harrowing experience and detail how their lives have fundamentally changed. Academy-Award-nominated, Emmy-winning director Trish Adlesic confronts the “moral decay of humanity” and takes a larger look at the hate-based crisis stemming from the political climate to pose the ultimate question: what kind of nation does America want to be? – Anita Raswant

Length: 80 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

An Irrepressible Woman

An Irrepressible Woman poster

In 1940, Jeanne “Janot” Reichenbach leaves her husband and child to save the man she always loved: Leon Blum, the famous French political figure. She will travel across Europe and sacrifice her freedom to marry him in the Buchenwald camp.

Length: 103 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: French, with English subtitles

Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges, a new documentary, looks back with nostalgia at an era when young idealists from around the world flocked to Israel to participate in its great experiment of communal living. Volunteering became a profitable business, but led to unanticipated outcomes – drugs, alcohol, and marriage with non-Jewish volunteers. The war in Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict forced the volunteers to face a new question – does supporting the Kibbutz mean supporting the state of Israel? 

Length: 80 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew and English, with English subtitles

Dolphin Boy

Dolphin Boy poster

Dolphin Boy tells the story of Morad, a teenager from an Arab village in the north of Israel who disconnects himself from humans following a violent attack. As a last resort before hospitalization in a mental institution, he is taken by his devoted father to be treated with dolphins in the Red Sea. Morad starts speaking again after months of silence but wants to erase his past and refuses to go back home.

Length: 72 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Language: Hebrew and Arabic, with English subtitles


Glickman poster

An illuminating portrait of Marty Glickman, who overcame prejudice to forge a remarkable career in sports, setting the gold standard for athletes and sports broadcasters past, present, and future.

Length: 84 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English


Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures poster

Dov, a 79-year-old widower, lives in a nursing home where he feels like he’s in jail. He dreams of buying back his old house and returning to live there, but he has no money since losing his pension, for which he blames the state. When he realizes that everyone in the nursing home consumes state-sponsored medical cannabis, he finds his way out.

Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles



Grossman poster

“I learned something about my writing since my son, Uri, was killed – there’s one way we’re able to comprehend the slightest inkling of what exists beyond the impenetrable wall of death, the feeling of nonexistence. And yet, to feel the vastness of what it means to be alive alongside it – through writing. That is what I search for in my writing, to exist in both places, for just a brief moment.” David Grossman shares these honest, private, and intimate insights on camera, and exposes the delicate and complex connection between his novels and his personal life. The film follows Grossman up close and takes the viewers on a personal journey into the soul and work of an exceptional human being.

Length: 54 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, English, with English subtitles

Herb Alpert Is…

Herb Alpert Is... poster

Herb Alpert, the legendary musician, artist, and philanthropist, has sold more than 72 million records worldwide. He has achieved sales of 14 platinum albums and 15 gold albums, and has earned nine Grammy Awards©. He outsold The Beatles in 1966 and co-founded A&M Records, the most successful independent record company in history. Herb Alpert Is…, directed by John Scheinfeld, looks at Herb’s extraordinary life with rare footage and interviews with colleagues like Sting and Questlove.

Length: 113 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

Here Today

Here Today poster

When a veteran comedy writer meets a New York Street singer, they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that kicks the generation gap aside and redefines the meaning of love and trust. Inspired by a true story.

Length: 117 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Language: English

Little Victories

Little Victories Poster

The story of Tamar and Michal, two Tel-Avivian mothers and members of a catch ball team, and of “Coach Moodie”, a charismatic and somewhat odd man, who is determined to release them from their net of daily battles and make them fall in love with a completely different net. Moodie is convinced that they can handle everything, and they start to believe him. As training becomes more intense and the team starts to win, life summons them both trials and challenges: Tamar is trying to cope with being a widow, Michal is fighting cancer, and they learn that if they want to become real players, on the court and in life, the most important thing is to keep playing.

Length: 57 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles

Love and Mazel Tov

Love and Mazel Tov poster

Anne Braun is a young Gentile woman who has a crush on Judaism and whose bookstore specializes in Jewish literature. She also volunteers in a Jewish retirement home and supports the Jewish author Schlomo Wisniewski. While Anne’s grandparents made wealth by trading in the valuables of their Jewish fellow human beings during World War II, Anne’s parents took over the art and antiques trade without questioning where their inherited wealth came from. Anne feels it is her duty to work off the bad karma of her family and wants to make amends.

Length: 88 minutes
Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: German, with English subtitles


Love During Wartime

Love During Wartime poster

The film follows Osama and Jasmin, newlyweds trying to build a life together against what look like impossible odds: She’s Israeli, he’s Palestinian. When their homelands turn their backs on them, they choose to live in exile. This tender tale of a love infiltrated by politics follows a real-life Romeo and Juliet on their odyssey from the Middle East through an inhospitable Europe. As their hopes rise and fade with each bureaucratic hurdle, will their love survive?

Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, German, English, with English subtitles


Neighbours poster

With a fine sense of humor and satire, the film tells of a childhood that, between dictatorship and dark drama, also has its light moments. How much friendship, love, and solidarity are possible in times of repression and despotism?

Length: 124 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: Kurdish, Arabic, English, Hebrew, with English subtitles

Next Generation

Next Generation poster

The film tells the story of the heroic people who rescued the entire Jewish population of Bulgaria during World War II and, because of their actions, offered a chance to the next generations. This is not a historical movie, but rather an emotional journey for the direct descendants of the local survivors, who are looking for their family roots and long-lost ties with their father’s homeland while revealing little-known aspects of the history of Bulgaria during World War II.

Genre: Documentary
Length: 88 minutes
Language: Hebrew, English, Bulgarian, with English subtitles

On the Map

On the Map poster

On the Map tells the against-all-odds story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s 1977 European Championship, which took place at a time when the Middle East was still reeling from the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 1972 Olympic massacre at Munich, and the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight from Tel Aviv. Through the of lens of sports, On the Map presents a much broader story of how one team captured the heart of a nation amid domestic turmoil and the global machinations of the Cold War.

Length: 85 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English, Hebrew, with English subtitles

Paul Newman: Behind Blue Eyes

Paul Newman Behind Blue Eyes poster

Consistently challenging both the stereotypes and the celebrations of Hollywood, Paul Newman preferred to exercise his freedom of thought. After enrolling in the Actors Studio in the early 1950s, Newman played in over 60 films, working with some of the most iconic directors in film history. Although relatively under the radar, his career as a director, with a dozen films under his belt, reflects the diversity and richness of his artistic vision.

Length: 52 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Language: English, French, with English subtitles

Plan A

Plan A poster

In 1945, a group of Jewish Holocaust survivors develop a plan to poison the water system in Nuremberg, Germany. Based on actual events, this film tells the story of a dangerous and bold secret operation that the plotters called “Plan A.”

Length: 109 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: English


Prosecuting Evil

Prosecuting Evil

A portrait of Ben Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor, who continues to wage his lifelong crusade in the fight for law and peace.

Length: 83 minutes
Genre: Documentary, History, Biography
Language: English

Senior Moments

Senior Moments poster

In this funny, witty, bold, and revealing film, the creators of Oldies document intimate meetings with ten resilient elderly folks surviving old age with a vengeance. Senior Moments cohesively samples a cultural variety of personalities in modern-day Israel and provides an inspiring outlook on what it means to be old today.

Length: 50 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, with English subtitles

Song Searcher

Song Searcher poster

Moyshe Beregovsky, musician and scholar, crisscrossed Ukraine from the 1920s on to record the traditional music of Ukrainian Jewry on fragile wax cylinders. With tremendous dedication in the face of the hardships Jews faced in Ukraine and under Soviet rule, Beregovsky saved the musical heritage of centuries-old Yiddish civilization, but ultimately paid for it with his life. “The film helps us understand and appreciate [Beregovsky’s] remarkable — and tragic — life’s achievement,” says NYU Professor Gennady Estraikh. Contains Holocaust material.

Length: 82 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Language: Russian, Yiddish, with English subtitles

The Automat

The Automat Poster

This documentary centers on the vending machine popularized in the 20th century that offered fresh cooked meals in a commissary-style eatery. Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Gloria Estefan, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are just a few of the prominent folks who recall the joys of the innovative cafeteria.

Length: 79 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

The Fourth Window

The Fourth Window poster

Behind the international success story of Amos Oz, a symbol of the Israeli conscience and a writer translated into 45 languages, lurked a double tragedy. When he was 12 years old, his mother committed suicide, and a few years before his death, his daughter accused him of being physically and mentally violent, ending all communication with him. The film presents a series of conversations with Amos Oz’s latest biographer, and weaves biographical passages, literature, and conversations with the main people in his life, as Amos Oz tells his last story.

Length: 86 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles

The Invisibles

The Invisibles poster

While Joseph Goebbels infamously declared Berlin “free of Jews” in 1943, 1,700 managed to survive in the Nazi capital through the end of WWII. The Invisibles traces the stories of four young people who learned to hide in plain sight.

Length: 110 minutes
Genre: Docudrama
Language: German, Hebrew, with English subtitles

The Lesson

The Lesson Poster

At the age of 14, every school child in Germany is forced to confront the reality of the Holocaust, often for the first time. Filmed over five years, from 2014 to 2019, the film is a window into deeply rooted social and political attitudes in Germany amidst the resurgence of the far right, xenophobia, and a fractured, disparate collective memory of the nation’s history.

Length: 72 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English and German, with English subtitles

The Meaning of Hitler

The Meaning of Hitler poster

The Meaning of Hitler is a provocative interrogation of our culture’s fascination with Hitler and Nazism set against the backdrop of the current rise of white supremacy, the normalization of antisemitism, and the weaponization of history itself. Filmed in nine countries over three years, the film traces Hitler’s movements, his rise to power, and the scenes of his crimes as historians and writers – including Deborah Lipstadt, Martin Amis, Sir Richard Evans, Saul Friedlander, Yehuda Bauer, and famed Nazi hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld – weigh in on the lasting impact of his virulent ideology. As fears of authoritarianism and fascism now abound, the film explores the myths and misconceptions of our understanding of the past, and the difficult process of coming to terms with it at a time in our history when it seems more urgent than ever.

Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: English and German, with English subtitles

The Raft

The Raft poster

Israel’s soccer team has won a crucial match and has a chance to reach the World Cup! However, due to the security situation in Israel, it is decided to shift the championship final to the nearby island of Cyprus.

Three Israeli teens decide to build a raft and sail to the championship final in Cyprus. During their journey, their friendship will be put to the test as they will get a taste of first love and discover traits and skills in themselves that they didn’t know existed. The innocent adventure evolves into a coming-of-age journey they will never forget.


Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Adventure
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles

The Tiger Within

Tiger Within poster

In the final performance of his illustrious career, multiple Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner — who died in late August 2021 at the age of 91 — portrays Samuel, a Holocaust survivor who develops an unlikely bond with Casey, a homeless Midwestern teenager.

Despite their respective traumas and initial mistrust of one another, they manage to provide a sense of family and mutual support for each other. While Casey gives Sam a new purpose, Sam in turn gives Casey the guidance and courage she needs to start a new life. Gina Wendkos’ (The Princess Diaries) sensitive script, as directed by Montreal-born indie filmmaker Rafal Zielinski, promotes empathy and understanding in the face of prejudice.


Length: 98 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: English

The Un-Word

The Un-Word poster

In this snappy German satire laying bare the discords of modern multiculturalism, tempers flare after a Jewish student is goaded in a schoolyard brawl. After repeated taunts by Muslim classmates, 15-year-old Max fights back, injuring an Iranian and a Palestinian student. A hopelessly naïve teacher arranges a summit with the fuming parents and spineless principal. But her do-gooder attempts at peacemaking, complete with Palestinian and Israeli flags decorating the snacks, expose her own misguided beliefs. As they all point fingers, the hard-nosed school inspector must restore order. Inspired by writer-director Leo Khasin’s own upbringing as a Russian Jew in Berlin, this darkly humorous conversation-starter seeks a common language in the unending fight against intolerance.

Length: 89 minutes
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Language: German, with English subtitles

The United States of Elie Tahari

The United States of Elie Tahari poster

Documentary about fashion designer and mogul Elie Tahari and his “American dream” story. This documentary tells Tahari’s whole journey from his move to America to his achievements and work process, featuring important fashion personalities.

Length: 65 minutes
Genre: Documentary/Biography
Language: English

The Unorthodox

The Unorthodox poster

The Unorthodox is a fictionalized depiction of the establishment of the Shas political party. The year is 1983 and Yaakov Cohen is tired of being pushed around and discriminated against. After his daughter Heli is expelled from a Bais Yaakov school due to her Sephardic background, he decides to form a political party to represent the interests of ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Jews. He gathers two friends and together they improvise a campaign for positions in the Jerusalem municipality – no means, no connections, no money, but with much rage, passion, and a desire for justice.

Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Comedy/Drama/History
Language: Hebrew and Yiddish, with English subtitles

Wet Dog

Wet Dog poster

The 16-year-old Iranian Soheil moves with his parents from the tranquil, middle-class German town of Göttingen to Berlin-Wedding. He quickly makes friends with the young people in Husseyn’s gang. Turks, Arabs, Kurds – in Wedding everyone is family, and Soheil is welcomed by Husseyn. What his new friends don’t know: Soheil is Jewish. When he wears his Star of David necklace in the supermarket, he is insulted by two Arab teenager and chased away. After that, Soheil hides his Jewish identity. Soheil learns quickly. He adapts his language to the street slang, moves around the streets with the gang, and becomes a sprayer. His tags are cool, “King Star” is his pseudonym. He desperately wants to belong.

Length: 103 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: German, with English subtitles

With No Land


With No Land poster

A fascinating, moving, and poetic new feature documentary from the creators of The Fig Tree (winner of Best Female Director at the Toronto International Film Festival). Thirty years ago, Operation Solomon brought 15,000 Jews from Ethiopia to Israel in under 24 hours and was hailed as a magnificent military operation that only Israel could have pulled off. Discover the untold history, silenced, and kept in the dark for decades, and learn about the dangerous but necessary actions that were taken across three continents by the Jewish Ethiopian activists fighting for justice for their community. With firsthand testimonies and unique archival footage, the film retells the history leading up to Operation Solomon and follows the current efforts to bring to Israel those who were left behind in Ethiopia.

Length: 83 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Amharic, Hebrew, English, with English subtitles