A Call to Spy

A Call to Spy poster

Two women (one British and one American) are sent to France as spies during World War II. Their handler is a Jewish woman who is trying to gain British citizenship. Many of their contacts are killed by the Gestapo and their French collaborators.

Film Title: A Call to Spy
: 123 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: English

A Common Goal

A Common Goal poster

Almost half the players on the Israeli national soccer team are Israeli Arabs, including the captain. During an important European tournament, the team’s diverse group of players causes controversy, most of it provoked by racist fans and the media. The players have their loyalty questioned by all sides while trying to guide Israel’s national team through the year’s biggest international challenge.

West Coast Premiere
Film Title: A Common Goal
Length: 52 minutes
Genre: Documentary

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto poster

Follow the suspenseful dramatic search for the identity of a Jewish girl in a photo from the World War II era. Led by a young Italian woman who finds the photo, a band of unlikely teens seeks to uncover what happened. Young love, adventure, and youthful optimism are found along the way.

West Coast Premiere
Film TitleA Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto
Length: 100 minutes
Genre: Drama

About a Teacher

About a Teacher poster

An inspiring drama about the personal journey of a New York City public high school teacher who enters the profession oblivious to the actual demands of teaching in the inner city, and unaware of his own shortcomings and biases. Filmmaker Hanan Harchol and School Administrator Jason Kamras joined us for a Zoom discussion on March 10. Watch it here.

Film TitleAbout a Teacher
Length: 112 minutes
Genre: Drama

After Munich

After Munich poster

After Munich is about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre of 11 Israeli athletes, and how four women’s lives have been changed by the massacre.

Film TitleAfter Munich
Length: 70 minutes
Genre: Documentary


Asia poster

Asia’s motherhood has always been an ongoing struggle rather than an obvious instinct. Becoming a mother at a very early age has shaped Asia’s relationship with her teenage daughter, Vika. Despite living together, Asia and Vika barely interact with one another. Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse while Vika hangs out at the skatepark with her friends. Their routine is shaken when Vika’s health deteriorates rapidly. Asia must step in and become the mother Vika so desperately needs. Vika’s illness turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the great love within this small family unit.

Film TitleAsia
Length: 85 minutes
Genre: Drama

Code Name: Ayalon

Code Name: Ayalon poster

In 1975, a demolition crew was at work in central Israel, clearing away the remains of an old kibbutz. When several members of the demo team wrestled aside a large, rusted clothes washer, they revealed a small entryway that seemed to lead below ground. Bulldozers shut down their engines, cranes froze in place as members of the team looked down into the hole. What they saw, what they discovered had been kept secret, hidden for three decades.

Northern California Premiere
Film TitleCode Name: Ayalon
Length: 69 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Four Mothers

Four Mothers poster

The story of four mothers of soldiers who protested the ongoing presence of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. Described as a “groundbreaking female protest in a struggle for peace,” the result was a protest movement that challenged the prevailing ethos of Israeli attitudes and ended the war.


Film TitleFour Mothers
Length: 70 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Here We Are

Here We Are poster

Aharon has devoted his life to raising his son, Uri. They live together in a gentle routine, away from the real world. But Uri is autistic, and now as a young adult it might be time for him to live in a specialized home. While on their way to the institution, Aharon decides to run away with his son and hits the road, knowing that Uri is not ready for this separation. Or is it, in fact, his father who is not ready?

Northern California Premiere
Film TitleHere We Are
Length: 94 minutes
Genre: Drama

It Must Schwing!: The Blue Note Story

It Must Schwing poster

Two Jewish-German immigrants who bonded over American jazz in their native Germany founded Blue Note Records in 1939. Alfred Lion and Francis Wolf went on to make some of the seminal jazz recordings of the mid-20th century. Unlike most labels, they put the music and the artists above profits, leading to a reputation among New York musicians that this was the label to get with. The music says it all. Click here to listen to a zoom chat with CapRadio’s Jazz Music Director Gary Vercelli, Sacramento jazz guitarist Henry Robinett, and Sacramento jazz pianist and professor Dr. Joe Gilman which was held on March 18.

Film TitleIt Must Schwing! The Blue Note Story
Length: 115 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Kiss Me Before It Blows Up

A still from Kiss Me Before It Blows Up

A subversive love story between clashing cultures and families, Kiss Me Before It Blows Up is a romantic misadventure crossing all borders. When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows. What happens with lovers who don’t fit but do belong together?

California Premiere
Film TitleKiss Me Before It Blows Up
Length: 101 minutes
Genre: Comedy

Land of Milk and Funny

Land of Milk and Funny poster

After performing in Israel, Avi Liberman, a Jewish-American comedian, made a commitment to return each year and to bring other comedians with him. Ten years and 30 comedians later, he has developed a format to provide sorely needed comedic entertainment in Israel and to provide a significant travel and performance experience for the comedians. This film is funny with poignant moments.

On March 16, comedians Avi Liberman and Jimmy Shubert discuss the film and their experiences in Israel.  Click here to watch.

Film TitleLand of Milk and Funny
Length: 78 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Maverick Modigliani

Maverick Modigliani poster

To mark the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Amadeo Modigliani’s death, this film explores the life and work of Modigliani, a Jewish Italian avant-garde painter who became a classic contemporary artist loved and imitated all over the world. Click here to watch the live chat with the Modigliani Project’s Ken Wayne and Columbia University Professor Clémence Boulouque.

Northern California Premiere

Film TitleMaverick Modigliani
Length: 138 minutes
Genre: Documentary


Perfect poster

Asaf, a chief content editor in the television industry, paralyzed on his left side, embarks on a journey to accept his disability. Asaf meets a group of disabled people who tell their stories and discuss their daily lives with incredible honesty, providing the viewer with a rare glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities.

Film TitlePerfect
Length: 81 minutes
Genre: Documentary


Stranger/Sister poster

The United States is experiencing a surge in hate crimes as a tide of white supremacy gathers momentum nationwide. Muslim and Jewish communities are particularly at risk. Stranger/Sister is the story of two ordinary women, one Muslim and one Jewish, who dare to believe they can join hands to stop the wave of hate. Overcoming a long history of distrust between their two religions, they build a movement that turns strangers into sisters, challenging our assumptions about how to fight hate in America. Intimately following women from Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom chapters in Sacramento, Austin, Chicago, and across the nation, the Sisters build a powerful network of hope in a time of chaos and hate. Click here to watch a panel discussion with local members of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom.

Film TitleStranger/Sister
Length: 39 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Surviving the Silence

Surviving the Silence poster

Surviving the Silence tells the story of two women in love who are surviving the oppression of a closeted military career. In 1992, Colonel Pat Thompson, a decorated army nurse, was only two years away from retirement when she was asked to preside over a military review board that eventually dismissed Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer for admitting she was a lesbian. Although Thompson had served her country with distinction for over thirty years—from conflict zones in Central America to working inside the Pentagon—that appointment was perhaps the hardest. In that moment, she had to protect her own life secret: that she too was a lesbian and had been living privately with her life partner, Barbara Brass, for many years. The way Thompson handled this conflict eventually led to a change in U.S. military policy.

Click here to watch a discussion between Filmmaker Cindy Abel, Sacramentans Col. Patsy Thompson and her wife Barbara Brass, and Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer.

Film TitleSurviving the Silence
Genre: Documentary
Length: 80 minutes

Tango Shalom

Tango Shalom poster

A Chasidic rabbi (played by Jos Laniado) who needs money discovers his talent for tango dancing by chance and has to find a way to dance with the beautiful dance teacher without violating his religious beliefs about not touching a woman other than his wife. He consults a priest, an imam, Sikh religious leaders, rabbis, and HaShem. He deals with loving family and good-hearted people for the most part, except for the gossips. A happy movie with music and dance and humor and good people trying to help and do their best, as well as a multicultural element rarely seen in movies.

One dazzling dance step at a time… “TANGO SHALOM” is an inspiring and joyous celebration of Hasidic Jewish life.  An interfaith milestone, this is the first film in history that was a joint collaboration with The Vatican, a Hasidic Synagogue, a Sikh Temple, and a Mosque, which promotes a timeless message of peace, tolerance, and love.

A special live cast party was held on Sunday, March 21. It was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube.

Northern California Premiere
Film TitleTango Shalom
Length: 115 minutes
Genre: Comedy

The Crossing

A still from The Crossing

The Crossing tells the story of the adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother, Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement during the World War II. One day, just before Christmas in 1942, Gerda and Otto’s parents are arrested, leaving the siblings on their own. Following the arrest, they discover two Jewish children, Sarah and Daniel, hidden in a secret cupboard in their basement at home. It is now up to Gerda and Otto to finish what their parents started: to help Sarah and Daniel flee from the Nazis across the border to neutral Sweden and reunite them with their parents. The Crossing is a film about the confidence, uncompromising loyalty, and great courage you can find in even the youngest of children.

Film TitleThe Crossing
Length: 96 minutes
Genre: Drama

The Interpreter

The Interpreter poster

Ali Unger discovers a book by an Austrian SS officer that reveals the killing of his parents. He tracks down the officer, planning to kill him. Ali discovers that the officer is dead and that his son now lives in the home. When the son requires an interpreter, he hires Ali. They embark on a tense trip but learn to respect each other. The officer’s son finally starts to come to terms with his father’s horrific legacy.

Film TitleThe Interpreter
Length: 113 minutes
Genre: Dramedy


The Midnight Orchestra

The Midnight Orchestra poster

After leaving Morocco as a child amidst racial tensions spurred by the Yom Kippur War, the son of a once famous Jewish musician returns to his home country to bury his father. Aided by an eclectic cab driver, his search for the former members of his father’s band unexpectedly transforms his life forever.

Film Title: The Midnight Orchestra
Length: 102 minutes
Genre: Dramedy

The One and Only Jewish Miss America

The One and Only Jewish Miss America poster

The story of the rise of Bess Meyerson, a Jewish girl from the Bronx, daughter of immigrants, who — with a tough, demanding mother, a gentle, hard-working father, natural beauty, hard work, and some mazel — became Miss America. The lingering post-Holocaust anti-Semitism, coupled with this unlikely affirmation of Jewish womanhood, accompanied her fame. She went beyond her beauty contestant role to become a principled public figure who spoke her mind on topics such as racism and anti-Semitism.

Film TitleThe One and Only Jewish Miss America
Length: 52 minutes
Genre: Documentary

The Rabbi from Hezbollah

The Rabbi from Hezbollah poster

Ibrahim Yassin was born in a small village in Lebanon and was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps as a farmer and shepherd, but fate had something else in store. As the course of his life turns against him, death becomes his only wish. But just when it seems as if the story’s over, a new one begins that sounds like a work of suspense fiction, placing Yassin at the heart of some of the most daring, dangerous, and secret operations Israel attempted in Lebanon in the 1980s and ’90s.

Film TitleThe Rabbi from Hezbollah
Length: 64 minutes
Genre: Documentary

The Spy Behind Home Plate

The Spy Behind Home Plate poster

This is the fascinating life story of Moe Berg, a long-time Jewish major league baseball player and coach, scholar, multi-linguist, frequent radio quiz show guest, spy for the OSS before and during WWII, and an unknown American hero. You can’t make this kind of story up!

Film TitleThe Spy Behind Home Plate
Length: 101 minutes
Genre: Documentary

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit poster

In 1933, on the eve of German elections, Arthur Kemper, a well-known Jewish journalist, has to flee to Zurich to escape the Nazis. 9-year-old Anna, her twelve-year-old brother, Max, and her mother, Dorothea, follow him shortly thereafter. Anna has to leave everything behind, including her beloved pink rabbit, to face a new life full of challenges and privations abroad.

Film TitleWhen Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Length: 119 minutes
Genre: Drama