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October 1-31, 2022

Israeli television show.

Length: 8 episodes; 30 minutes each
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles

Available: October 1 – 31, 2022


It’s summer 2014. Muna (Mouna Hawa, In Between, Fauda), is an Israeli-Arab photographer living in Tel Aviv, where she shares a studio with a fellow Palestinian artist and dates a Jewish TV producer. She has just been chosen to represent Israel in a prestigious international photography exhibition in Paris. Her father and his neighbors in their Arab village are against Muna’s participation, as are the Jewish critics who don’t want an Arab-Israeli representing them, especially in wartime. Muna, caught between two worlds, is determined to forge her own path, even if it means upsetting the relationship with her Jewish boyfriend, Yaniv. Produced by musician Mira Awad (Arab Labor) and inspired by her own story. (Warning: film contains sexual references.)


  • Mouna Hawa
  • Roy Assaf
  • Ala Dakka
  • Rebecca Telhami
  • Salwa Nakkara
  • Suhel Haddad
  • Amjad Bader
  • Neta Plotnik
  • Uri Gabriel
  • Tracy Abramovich
  • Tamar Zur
  • Yonatan Dekel
  • Jalal Masarwa
  • Mira Anwar Awad
  • Adi Gilat
  • Loai Noufi

Available within the Sacramento Federation Region.

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1  Highs and Lows

2  Red Color

3  Guests for a Moment

4  Made War, Not Love

5  Weak Spot

6  You Cannot Choose Your Family

7  Little Comforts

8  Get off the Fence