The Unorthodox

The Unorthodox is a fictionalized depiction of the establishment of the Shas political party. The year is 1983 and Yaakov Cohen is tired of being pushed around and discriminated against. After his daughter Heli is expelled from a Bais Yaakov school due to her Sephardic background, he decides to form a political party to represent the interests of ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Jews. He gathers two friends and together they improvise a campaign for positions in the Jerusalem municipality – no means, no connections, no money, but with much rage, passion, and a desire for justice.

Available: March 15-21
Length: 92 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, History
Director: Eliran Malka
Country: Israel
Year: 2018
Language: Hebrew and Yiddish, with English subtitles

Available within the Sacramento Federation Region