The Fourth Window

Behind the international success story of Amos Oz, a symbol of the Israeli conscience and a writer translated into 45 languages, lurked a double tragedy. When he was 12 years old, his mother committed suicide, and a few years before his death, his daughter accused him of being physically and mentally violent, ending all communication with him. The film presents a series of conversations with Amos Oz’s latest biographer, and weaves biographical passages, literature, and conversations with the main people in his life, as Amos Oz tells his last story.

Available: March 8-14
Length: 86 minutes
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Director: Yair Qedar
Country: Israel
Year: 2021
Language: Hebrew, with English subtitles

Available within the Sacramento Federation Region

A Zoom chat with the filmmaker was held on February 9 at 8:30 am.  To view the Zoom chat, go to our Special Events page.