The Interpreter

Ali Unger discovers a book by an Austrian SS officer that reveals the killing of his parents. He tracks down the officer, planning to kill him. Ali discovers that the officer is dead and that his son now lives in the home. When the son requires an interpreter, he hires Ali. They embark on a tense trip but learn to respect each other. The officer’s son finally starts to come to terms with his father’s horrific legacy.

Available: March 24-26
Length: 113 minutes
Genre: Dramedy
Director: Martin Sulik
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2018
Languages:  Slovak, German, English, Russian, with English subtitles
Awards: Winner: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (2019); Haifa International Film Festival (2019); Sun in a Net Awards, Slovakia (2019)

Protected Content: This film is available only in Northern California, except the Bay Area