“I learned something about my writing since my son, Uri, was killed – there’s one way we’re able to comprehend the slightest inkling of what exists beyond the impenetrable wall of death, the feeling of nonexistence. And yet, to feel the vastness of what it means to be alive alongside it – through writing. That is what I search for in my writing, to exist in both places, for just a brief moment.” David Grossman shares these honest, private, and intimate insights on camera, and exposes the delicate and complex connection between his novels and his personal life. The film follows Grossman up close and takes the viewers on a personal journey into the soul and work of an exceptional human being.

Available: March 8-14
Length: 54 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Director: Adi Arbel
Country: Israel
Year: 2021
Language: Hebrew, English, with English subtitles

Available within the Sacramento Federation Region