Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Feb 16 @ Crocker Art Museum

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) – Robert Wiene
The arrival of the mysterious Dr.Caligari and his companion, the somnambulistic Cesare, in a rural German village coincides with a series of gruesome murders. Are the doctor and his assistant to blame? The story of Dr Caligari and Cesare plays out through distorted camera angles, jagged sets and highly stylized lightening as director Robert Wiene set in motion a narrative that captured the devastating consequences of war and dramatically altered the course of cinema in Weimar Era Germany. This hallmark silent film ushered in a new approach to filmmaking after WWI and kick-started the German Expressionist movement in film.
German Expressionism On Film

Inspired by A Graphic Art: German Expressionist Prints from the McNay Art Museum and the Bronston Collection, the Crocker’s spring film series presents some of the finest examples of post-World War I and Weimar Era filmmaking with a mashup of cult classics, experimental endeavors, and unexpected surprises. This series for art and film lovers alike is curated by University of California, Davis professor Kirsten Harjes, who specializes in German culture and film, and it has a bit of everything: art, politics, and pioneering filmmaking.

Join us at 5:30 PM for a guided Reel Tour, highlighting the German Expressionist works on view in A Graphic Art.


Event Details

YEAR: 1920


Language: Silent, German, with English subtitles
Run Time: 74 Minutes


DIRECTOR(S): Robert Wiene



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