Bad Nazi, Good Nazi

Bad Nazi, Good Nazi
He is known as the Nazi officer who saves “The Pianist” -Wladyslaw Szpilman, in the Roman Polanski film, but his German hometown from which he ran the local school and went to the war, still refuses to recognize him as a hero. 70 years after the end of the war, a group of residents demand to commemorate the Nazi Officer, Wilm Hosenfeld, in the local school and the reactions are stormy. In the meantime, Hosenfeld’s grandchildren discover their grandfather’s secret diaries in which he documented Nazi war crimes and they embark on a journey of discovery. During this journey, they will find out that their grandfather was a serial savior and aside from “The Pianist”, another 60 people owe him their lives.

Event Details

YEAR: 2019



Language: Hebrew, German, with English subtitles
Run Time: 52 Minutes


DIRECTOR(S): Chanoch Ze’evi



By Agreement with the Distributor,
This Film is Geoblocked and Viewable ONLY in the
Northern California/Sacramento Area.


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